Forklift Purchase Financing

Three Ways to Purchase a Forklift with Minimal Expense

Forklifts are some of the most versatile work vehicles around and with a wide range of functions and uses; there aren’t many professional facilities that couldn’t stand to benefit from them. Some companies rely on them to transport goods from one part of a factory to another, while others use them to lift, store and unload heavy goods and products.

Although a common sight within factories and commercial manufacturing plants, they aren’t cheap by anyone’s standards and when buying several vehicles at once; the expenses can become even more substantial. For those hoping to purchase a forklift truck, here are a few ways to do so whilst minimising expenses.

Forklift Finance

This great solution is something that thousands of businesses undertake each year and it works by applying for a sum of cash from a lender, to cover the costs of a truck/ fleet of trucks. The lender will loan the money to the business owner and then accept payments each month until the full sum has been repaid with a little interest added on top.

Taking Out a Loan

Where finance is ideal for vehicles in particular, other companies prefer to take out standard loans to be able to purchase the equipment that they require. This option can be a good solution for companies that could do with a little extra financial support, and as banks and lenders are always open to company applications – there will undoubtedly be an option for all businesses.

Applying for a Grant

The Australian Government offer a variety of grants and benefits to businesses that fall into specific categories and a company owner may find themselves eligible for one of these grants. To find out, it’s as simple as visiting the government gateway website and downloading a couple of forms. Any business that is eligible after filling out these forms could receive a cash sum without any need to repay, whilst others might still be able to apply for a grant and then pay back over time at a low interest rate, directly to the government.